Your First Visit

iStock_000002845362XSmallYour First Visit

To ensure that your first visit to our office is a pleasant one, here is an explanation of the procedures you may expect during your time with us.

We welcome any and all questions you may have regarding our policies or your treatment plans.

Complete this brief questionnaire to give us some information about yourself.

Patient Education
Upon completion of your paperwork, you will watch a 9 minute video introducing you to chiropractic clinic.

A history of your chief complaint will then be completed and presented to Dr. Celine.

Dr. Celine will perform a complimentary brief exam to determine if chiropractic care can help you.

Necessary views may be taken to visualize your spine to locate any other contributing conditions.

Adjunctive Procedures
While your x-rays are developing you will receive therapy to reduce inflammation and pain.

Treatment Plan
You will receive a full explanation of x-ray findings and a treatment recommendation based on those findings.

Financial Arrangements
Your financial obligation will be discussed with you before any further procedures are implemented. Be assured your health is our main concern.

You will begin your chiropractic by receiving your first adjustment.

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