Frequently Asked Questions

What is chiropractic?
Chiropractic is a science, philosophy and art of healing that deals with the body in a natural way, without using drugs or surgery. It is a method of restoring the bony segments (vertebrae) of the spine to their correct position in order to reduce or eliminate nerve irritations caused by misaligned bones.

What is the goal of chiropractic?
The goal is to give the patient a well-rounded wellness plan so that he or she can return to health and maintain it through chiropractic care, proper nutrition and exercise. Many of our patients have decided to make chiropractic care a permanent part of their health care routine.

Who needs chiropractic care?
Everybody who wants to remain vital and healthy needs chiropractic care. Babies, children, adolescents, adults (including pregnant women) and senior citizens; people of every age and walk of life benefit from the chiropractic approach to healthy living.

What is a vertebral subluxation?
When the bony segments of the spine get misaligned, “pinching” and irritating a nerve, we have a condition called subluxation. A subluxation can cause muscle spasms, interference with the normal flow of nerve impulses and a loss of mobility. This can result in body stiffness, aches or pains, dysfunction of whatever the “pinched” nerve supplied, and general body disease (disorder within the body).

What causes subluxation?
Anything that hurts the body or irritates that spines can cause the bony segments of the spine to become immobile and irritate nerves. Birth, auto accidents, awkward movements, injuries at work, playing sports and even sitting, can cause subluxations. Some subluxations are inherited.

What does your doctor of chiropractic do?
We treat subluxations by using manual manipulation to gently and effectively replace the misaligned (subluxated) vertebrae to their correct position, restore mobility of the segment and reduce muscle spasm and pressure. Once mobility and correct positioning are restored, the uninterrupted nerve can resume its normal function.

How is my spine the key to good health?
Your spine, made up of 24 bony segments called vertebrae, is the main support of your body. A healthy spine keeps the body erect and protects one of your body’s most vital parts: your spinal cord. Billions of nerves leave the spinal cord through small openings between the vertebrae. These nerves carry energy to every part of your body.

What does chiropractic cure?
Chiropractors do not profess to cure anything. By eliminating nerve pressure and restoring muscle and spinal mechanical stability, the body’s own regenerative power usually takes over and corrects the problem. Chiropractors think of themselves as treating the cause of disease not the symptoms.

Are adjustments painful or unsafe in any way?
Most spinal adjustments are not painful. People usually consider them very pleasant and tell of feeling immediate relief. Adjustments are also safe, effective and usually not time consuming.

Why are regular chiropractic checkups important?
Disease does not just happen. It accumulates day by day, as daily physical and mental stresses cause subluxations. Therefore, periodic chiropractic checkups are as important to your health program as regular medical and dental checkups. How often to have chiropractic checkups depends upon your lifestyle. Check with Dr. Celine for a sensible program tailored to your individual needs.

How long will it take?
Most patients feel significant relief within the first few treatments. The course of the treatment you select, relief, corrective or maintenance, will determine how long you will be under care.

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