About Dr. Celine

About Dr. Celine

College Education
Palmer College of Chiropractic 1982-graduate 1984
Southeastern Massachusetts University 1979-1981

Education Highlights
Palmer College Adjusting Techniques
Including but not limited to Gonstead; Diversified,
Thompson, Pierce Stillwagon Technique and Toggle Recoil
Upper Cervical Technique. Special Outside Technique.
Pettibon, Physical Therapy, Applied Kinesiology,
Extremity adjusting and Motion Palpation.

Degree and Certification
Doctor of Chiropractic

Professional Memberships
Palmer Student Alumni Association
Motion Palpation Institute
Chiropractic Association of Louisiana

1997 Certificate of Appreciation from Delta Safety Society
2003 National Republican Congressional Committee
National Leadership Award, Honorary Chairman Business Advisory Council
2004 Appreciation of dedication to Chiropractic Care, Chiropractic Association of Louisiana

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